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PHOTOGRAPHY: Nick Meek Photographs Costa Rica Covered in 8 Mil. Flowers Petals for Sony

Imagine a landscape swirling with millions of flower petals. This might sound like something out of a fairy tale, but it really happened.

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Exploring Sarajevo’s Abandoned Olympic Park

To see more photos and videos of Sarajevo’s Olympic bobsled and luge track, explore the Olimpijski Bob Staza and Trebević location pages.

Stark against the dense forests of Trebević mountain stands a crumbling, brightly adorned concrete track built for the 1984 Olympic Games in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The track, used for bobsledding and the luge competitions until 1991, primarily draws hikers and graffiti artists these days. It bears the marks not only from the passage of time, but also from the wars that plagued Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 1990s.

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JayShree Kapoor

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Spring Break 2014
Street Scenes in Istanbul, Turkey
Mahnoor Hussain

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Just in case you needed a little space

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Ghostly Photos of Traffic Lights in Fog


Ghostly Photos of Traffic Lights in Fog

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Dan Hays - Colorado Snow Effect (2008) - Oil on canvas

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Krzysztof Penderecki: Symphony No.2 "Christmas Symphony" (1979/1980)

Nothing says Christmas like 20th Century Atonal music! 

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Casual fridays arent allowed in the office after last weeks ‘incident’

What the

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NPR Music’s 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013


NPR Music’s 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013

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